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Athletes & Organizations

Behind the public endeavors of any athlete or sports team is a multi-billion dollar business infrastructure that operates on multiple levels. It’s a world where business judgment, public policy advocacy and legal skill are essential support for achieving top performance on and off the field.

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Crisis Management

Lucentem delivers a 360–degree approach to client management. We provide our clients counsel, industry expertise and legal protection that will effectively manage a crisis. The Lucentem crisis management team is available 24/7 to respond to crisis anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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Whether you’re an athlete travelling to international competitions or a musician looking to embark on an international tour, it is imperative that you follow proper immigration procedures to prevent incidents that could derail your success indefinitely. At Lucentem, our qualified team of lawyers are able to assist you in this process to prevent any unnecessary issues and keep your career on the path to international success.

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It is our priority and our responsibility to ensure our clients’ businesses are operating legally and lawfully while also operating to their fullest potential. Our lawyers are able to assist you in matters related to taxation to ensure this is the case.

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Youth Appeals and Governance for local Sporting Organizations

Here, you will find information regarding what services our team at Lucentem Sports and Entertainment Law has to offer in regards to youth appeals. Whether you are an individual seeking guidance during the appeal process or a sports organization looking to update their by-laws, our team has the expertise to guide you through these processes efficiently.

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